Friends of Soundview Park

What is the identity of the Soundview? How the history of the Soundview and the personal stories of Soundview residents can reinforce each other identities? How a park like Soundview can help the community to develop a sense of belonging, identity, shared beliefs and values?

Proposal: Project Tales of _______

Students: Marie Boegly, Danielle Christophe, Amanda Greenough, Helena Kjellgren, Christopher Patten

"Tales of _______" is a set of instructables for storytelling activities that allow residents of the Soundview community to share in the creation of a park's identity. The goal of these instructables is to amplify the intangible qualities of a park. The stories that result from these instructables can be manifested in anything from handmade paper puppets to simple animations, to slideshows with narrative audio. No matter the medium, Tales of ______ produces a series of amusing and imaginative tales about a place. LOCAST enables these stories to be collected, shared, and distributed among the Soundview community. In places like Soundview Park that are scarred with a negative history, the use of LOCAST allows these stories to become part of a larger community than the room in which they were created. It allows a large audience to create associations with place that are less based on rumor and fear, but rather fun and imagination.